Product Info

Our company stands out as it specializes exclusively in the use of an imported, high-class roofing material called “Twinwall Polycarbonate”.


This type of roof is of the highest quality in terms of the basic material (POLYCARBONATE) and the associated accessories.


The POLYCARBONATE roofing sheets have become a mainstream product in the building industry. Due to the inherent high quality of the complete roofing system our materials have become the preferred choice for architectural applications as well as the discerning homeowner.


Other uses are shopping malls, commercial skylights and other domestic or commercial situations where a finish with some architectural flair is desirable.


Impact Resistance – Excellent

Weatherability – Excellent

Abration Resistance – Good

Standard Sizes Available – Yes

Temperature Resistance – Excellent

Texture – Yes

Printability – No

Colours (Tints) Available – Yes

Chemical Resistance – Fair

Degrees of Light Transmission – Excellent

Flammability Resistance – Yes

Code Approvals – Yes

Clarity – Excellent

Formability – Yes

Product Origin

Only a few countries are actually producing POLYCARBONATE structured products, such as Israel, Ireland, Germany, China, USA and Italy.


Owing to (probably) cost and the relatively small domestic market -at present- Australia does not have these production facilities.


POLYCARBONATE is a very high quality plastic material not to be compared – in performance or price – with other translucent roofing products such as fibreglass, acrylic, or others plastics.


Our supplier is among-st the world leaders in this field

Basic Specifications

Unlike other more common roofing materials, such as metal, aluminium, sails, shade-cloth, fibre-glass, etc., the Twinwall Polycarbonate has many superior properties and performance criteria, such as being :


  • impact resistant
  • hail-proof
  • 250-times stronger than glass
  • versatile applications
  • excellent insulation qualities
  • 99.9%
  • beneficial light transmission
  • cyclone rated
  • virtually unbreakable
  • available in bronze, grey, clear, opal, steel and platinum
  • 5 year limited warranty for major performance criteria, such as yellowing and breakage (including hail)


It is considered ideal for the weather conditions in Queensland

Basic Specifications

The POLYCARBONATE sheets are to be used in conjunction with particular accessories, which are:


  • Specifically designed (for POLYCARBONATE sheeting) Aluminium glazing bars
  • aluminium sealing tape
  • rubber wedge (for superior sealing purposes)
  • aluminium end capping
  • flashings
  • and others


Whereas these accessories add to the cost they ultimately attribute greatly to the superior finish and performance of the structures.



In spite of its higher cost, this product has become the preferred roofing material for the many up-market homes and businesses in need of a stylish, quality product.